About Me

Not another about me page! Where to begin..

I think we are in a golden age of technological progress. Technology has brought the wonders of the natural world to the mainstream and people are realizing, in awe and amazement, what this world has to offer outside of the concrete walls of the cities. Photography gets me outdoors and into nature, it’s a great way to meet people, make new connections and discover something new.

Why do I do this?

Photography is fun! It’s a passion that merges the highly technical and artistic and just happens to be a perfect blend of in-field and screen time for me. I love to visit and photograph new places and people, while at the same time work with the technology that is behind the scenes.

For my clients, it’s something that I can do to immortalize their memory of a place or event into a digital image or video. When they are 90 years old and look back on all the things they have done, these photos will bring those events back to life for them.

What tools do I use?

I am sure just about every photographer gets asked this question from time-to-time. All kidding aside, my in-field kit consists of a Nikon DSLR, Samsung smartphone, tripods, DJI drone, and a Lenovo Laptop/Tablet combination. I keep a couple lenses in the bag but for scheduled studio shoots I will grab the latest and greatest from the local camera store.

The software I use is 100% opensource. I don’t process with Photoshop or Lightroom, but challenge myself to use tools that are a bit unconventional. I do most of my initial post-processing with Rawtherapee, and for touch ups and more drastic edits, my go-to is GIMP. For video work I use OBS Studio, Audacity and Openshot. FFMPEG often gets called upon (it’s the processing back-end for many video tools) as it is very useful for video encoding and processing.